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Blue Creek 2017

Blue Creek on KUSI TV Good Morning San Diego

KUSI TV News Desk

Grammy Award Winner Patti Page & Blue Creek Performing Tennessee Waltz

Performing at Moonlight Amphitheatre

Moonlight Amphitheatre Concert 2010

Blue Creek on Stage at Moonlight Amphitheatre

Stars Eric Kunze & Gina De Luca, Blue Creek Band & Choir

Blue Creek Performing at Ramona Bluegrass Festival 2010

Performing at Encinitas Street Fair

Performing at Del Mar Fair 2009

Blue Creek at Julian Bluegrass Festival 2009

Blue Creek Performing at Julian Bluegrass Festival 2008

Blue Creek Performing at Carlsbad Flower Fields Concert 2007

Sheila & Will Jaffe

Will Jaffe &  Alex Finazzo

Del Mar Fair - Sheila Jaffe of  Blue Creek Band

Blue Creek Band on Stage 2010

Blue Creek at Carlsbad Flower Fields Concert 2010

Dave Preston, Josh Dake, Sheila Jaffe, Will Jaffe, Alex Finazzo

Blue Creek Band warming up

Jake Rekedal, Will Jaffe, Sheila Jaffe, Alex Finazzo, Becky Greene

Mural of Blue Creek at Pimo's Ristorante

Will Jaffe, Sheila Jaffe, Alex Finazzo, John Mailander & Jake Rekedal

Blue Creek Performing at
Wynola Red Barn


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Moonlight Amphitheatre Concert 2010

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